System Hardening And Threat Remediation

Alongside the increasing internet users and services there is a growing increase in vulnerabilities and attacks. Most attackers have a commercial  agenda and this objective will certainly hurt the wealth of the victimized company, be it in either loss of IP, Loss of credibility of clients or at the least loss of  service. Commonly  it happens, an organization that has been breached is not even aware of it for a  considerable length of time, amid which time the attacker or the perpetrator exploits this to his advantage . There are no Silver Bullets that addresses this situation , conventional and existing methods of security does not address this effectively . The way forward is..Continuous Security and Defence In-depth

Systech has designed a set of processes to address:

  • Securing the Infrastructure
  • Hardening Operating Systems for Servers
  • Hardening Services for Servers
  • Implementing File Integrity solutions
  • Implementation of Application Security
  • Addressing Network Security needs
  • Implementing best practices
  • Automated analysis of log events
  • Regular health checks and audits  &  more

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