Storage Management

Improve data availability and systems resilience with storage management.

Recent technological advancements have resulted in huge amounts of data in business environments, leading to challenges with regard to performance and analysis. Data needs to be secure, organised and available for your organisation to query, analyse and report on at all times. SysCorp’s Storage Management team can support your organisation in its efforts to maintain, analyse and understand data while providing continuous availability and performance.

SysCorp has abundant experience in storage and data management exercised across a range of enterprise and commercial clients. Our teams’ operating practices tightly align with the ITIL framework complemented with industry best-practices. You’ll benefit by getting day-to-day operational support along with service options such as performance tuning and data analytics. Our team ensures you have 24/7 access to your data and that we are able to provide advice on resiliency, redundancy and business continuity.
With a comprehensive toolset SysCorp has the ability to support many different types of workloads and environments.

SysCorp’s Storage Management service offers you the following benefits:

  • Data availability and systems resilience
  • Support for data management on structured data (databases) as well as unstructured data (email, weblogs, web-clicks)
  • Data replication to improve disaster recovery and business continuity capability
  • Fixed-price contracts per storage array to support growing and scalable environments
  • Data reporting tools such as file assessments to report on capacity utilisation to assist with informed business decisions

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