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Organizations today have good reason to be concerned about their security. Their IT teams are hard-pressed to keep pace with the increasing sophistication of cybercriminals, malware and data breaches.

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is a generalized term for managing information generated from security control systems and infrastructure. Security systems often only contain information regarding the cybersecurity event itself. SIEM uses a large lens to look at all sources of security controls or information sources to determine the context of the event and sort a misconfigured system from an event that could potentially harm your systems.

SIEM Information sources include:

  • Intrusion detection system
  • Endpoint security
  • Service logs
  • Asset management system
  • SOAR(Security Orchestration, Automation and Response)

SIEM is essentially a management tool above your existing systems and security controls. It uses information from your existing systems and cross-references them, analyzing in a single-interface.

SIEM gives our analysts access to information from all present systems, without giving them access to the systems themselves.

To create a total system of cybersecurity management, the SIEM service system works with other managed services offering:

  • Availability monitoring
  • Intrusion detection
  • Asset recovery
  • Vulnerability Scanning

SysCorp’s Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and Log Retention Services provide clients with a strong, responsive system for monitoring and remediation.

SysCorp helps in detect, assess, report and remediate security breaches, utilizing state-of-the-art Security tools. You receive centralized visibility and control, 24/7/365 protection, highly trained experts and best-in-class security technology.

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