IDS, IPS Management

An Intrusion Detection System (IDS) detects and reports upon malicious activity or other policy violations based on identifying heuristics and patterns (also known as signatures) of common attacks or vulnerabilities.

The system automatically acts upon these reports and blocks this activity, transitioning to an Intrusion Prevention System (IPS). All of our IDS/IPS options can serve in either capacity.


An IDS/IPS can warn or protect a system from attacks or vulnerabilities that are more complex than firewall capabilities, due to these complex signatures. The IDS/IPS utilizes substantially more resources than a firewall due to the added complexity, however, it is not a firewall replacement, as it will not detect all malicious traffic.

Managed IPS services ensure that your Intrusion Detection and Prevention systems are maintained with the very latest information, ensuring that your IDS/IPS ready to detect and block the latest attacks from doing harm to your network and application layer vulnerabilities and ready to detect and block the latest attacks from doing harm to your network. Typically a huge volume of false positive alarms are generated by this type of technology however our managed IPS service helps organisations to overcome this. Our analysts carry out inspection of alarms looking for any signs of a false alarm before working with our customers to help neutralise the threat.

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